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Old Way

  • Field work is very labor intensive which drives up job cost
  • Drafting is based on interpretation of field notes
  • Data collection process is performed with antiquated measuring equipment
  • Questions from the client about property conditions might require an entirely new site visit
  • Medium and large parcels require lots of man hours and often days or weeks of field time
  • There is no practical way to scale and accommodate more jobs without adding a proportionate amount of crews, drafters and costly equipment

New Way

  • Airborne imaging combined with ground-based measurements accelerates field work time.
  • Post-processing and drafting is a streamlined and controlled process
  • 3D models prevent misterpretation of existing property conditions
  • High accuracy GPS technology on the ground ensures quality data
  • Medium and large parcels require few field crew members and data collection is accomplished in hours versus days or weeks
  • A streamlined process allows for truly scalable operations
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